Lessons learned

We all learn from experience. Bad learners learn from their errors, good learners from others’. So, the stuff widely known, nothing really new, but I had to make it by myself to learn.

Working in a team means that team should be synchronized. To get source sync, we use git, for documentation - dropbox. In addition, especially when members have little experience in the field, it’s advised to have working environment synchronized too. By this I mean using same IDEs, same versions of SDKs, same paths to projects and installations. Obviously, this can lead to hardcoded paths and other unpleasant stuff, but that stuff can be easily fixed later on, when more understanding in project and environment achieved. Why I say this: tried to work on Eclipse project with IntellijIdea, didn’t succeeded to set it up in right way, and than, when I finally switched to Eclipse, I called support library directory other name and this caused incompatibility. This lead to recreation of repository, because it became a mess. And worst of all - time was lost.

But at least I learned a lesson. And had some fun :)