Agile on the house

You sure paid attention that I’ve tweeted about some TDD and Agile sessions. Yes, that’s cool; I really like those, I sit at front lines in class and ask annoying questions. Yes, I’ve noticed the rules of raising the hand in the class.

It’s like coming back to the days of the university. Much more fun, and the covered topics are really relevant to the job I occupied.

And who organize those lessons and paying for them? - the company I work for, Retalix ltd. It is giving it’s employees courses. I was among the lucky ones to be chosen for the course that is taking place now. In addition, Uncle Bob’s videos are available for developers and his book “Clean Code” is on everyone’s desks. I really appreciate this. Well, this is cool! Think about that it’s an investment in employees, all of mentioned before costs money, and time that the developer could actually work on projects. But I am sure that the CEO knows what he’s doing - those courses will make employees perform better and be much more loyal to the company. That’s an approach to build great working enviroment. More than that, people in class are from different teams and studying together makes them familiar to each other, to areas they’re working on, shorten distances between people. I see it as a huge achievement, not every job offers such development opportunities for the employees. This approach should became the standard one day.

I have noticed that more and more companies integrate scrum or TDD, for example, in the software development process. That’s great, it means that there’s completely new ideas are coming straight to the industry. And it looks like we are doing it right way.