Back on track

Well, some harsh weeks passed working on my primary job. Solving the most annoying bugs, working more than 70 hours a week, and finally some sweet relax after the race to release. I don’t want to discuss here more, but, at least, it looks like we kept a customer happy.

The real reason of the post, that the Functional Programming course in Scala has been started. So, the tools are installed and couple of functions are written. I was thinking of working on home assignments on github, but the course’s code of ethics prohibits it. Meanwhile I am not gonna pay for the storing my homeworks somewhere ;)

There should be a possibility to make a repository on some server, and I dont have one to set there some gitosis or similar. Oops, I’m sidetracked.

The first assignment is of 3 tasks, which are not so complicated on the first sight, but the course defined code standards and style to follow, thing that could be tricky with new learned paradigm and language.

That evening I should hit the keyboard and solve the tasks. At least I’ll try. Deadline is tomorrow and I am posting posts instead of working… as usual ;)