And now, we’re buried deep in MATLAB. It’s like changing point of view to something completely different that I knew before.

Also, I’ve been invited to interview for .NET coder job. So wish me luck :)

One of questions that I was asked was about gnome and eggs, but I knew it as some old man and his camels question. The story is that the old man had to divide his camels among his sons, and he said to his first son:”After my death you’ll get half of all my camels and half a camel.” To the middle son he said:”You’ll get half of what’s left from my camels and half a camel”. And to the youngest son: “Son, you’ll get half of left camels and half a camel, and all of my camels will be divided between my sons”. So, how much camels had the old man, and how much camels got each one of his sons?

No camels were harmed during solving of this riddle :)