Discovering github

Well, after working for an year with TFS2010, that is great tool for corporate purposes, I decided that I want to use source control for myself. Never done it before, what a shame.

I’ve chosen git and therefore github. I’ve tried to use it a little time back in the university (btw, finally got my diploma :), but never had enough time to explore it. Now, after being inside source-control and reading a lot of articles about it, I’ve finally went through github registration, git installation, key generation and repository creation.

Reasons to use git(hub) were mainly history tracking(and github provides issue tracker, too!), backup for the code and always having the latest version, on any computer. And easily. Actually all I need now for work is:

1) eclipse 2) git 3) ssh key 4) internet access

I understand, that that’s much more that distributed version control system can provide. I just don’t like handling multiple branches; idea is having only one master branch at time, always ready to ship to the client, is stuck in my mind. Well, that’s agile; I only wish it could be achieved for every project :)

Also I’ve spotted nice tutorial, that looks much better than examples from the book, that should be carefully copied into the command line. Looks like I’m going through it now, before I continue to work on the YAJumpGame.