Generation Ship, Log 6

2 years ago I’ve started to work on Generation Ship as a libGDX project. I worked mostly on evenings and with long breaks, due to different stuff that happened around.

There are some factoids about the game:

In fact, first 2 days I hadn’t worked with computer at all. I designed balance and screens on paper.

First two month(whole time of jam, and 3 weeks for recovery) I did not used git at all. I started to use version control on 18.2.2016.

In those two years I’ve moved from java 6 on Eclipse to java 8 on IntellijIdea. LibGDX updated it’s version from 1.7.2 to 1.9.5. Gradle made a jump from 2.4 to 5.

The game now have 1 music theme, 11 sound effects, and 20 different sprites.

I’ve learned to pack an executable java game with jvm’s for mac, linux and windows.

Despite some time I was off project, I think I made a progress. Looking to close all opened bugs and issues and release a next version.