Generation Ship, Log 2

In the last two months, at evenings, commit by commit, I continue to work on Generation Ship. I was pursuing the title of indie game dev, but lately I’ve found myself in another niche. Today indie became synonymous to “not AAA”, including games released by small teams, studios of professional designers, artists, coders, composers, working full time on game projects. By no means I can compete with them, by no means I intend to grow to indie studio. I have my day job, I have my family. I’m not an artist, my game design skills go as much as dungeon master at my early teens. But I’d like to make a game. Don’t expect great visuals, or wonders of superb gameplay experience. However, I promise to try to produce fun.

And now to the game: I played GS for some times, and its not fun in it’s current state. I’d name as obstacles: hard to launch, bad controls and lack of story.

Also, there is a gameplay issue. Its not easy and not fun to launch and navigate probes. If we built advanced ship, capable of near-light-speed flight capability, can’t we add some auto pilot to its x-fighters?

I’ve looked at all of the points above and I’m trying to address them. I’ve re-written the draft of design document. I’m going to rewrite controls completely. I’ve found some leaks in balance, resulted in always winnable games.

All of these issues are going to be addressed in the next version.

The game is accessible on and stay tuned for next release, in the first week of October!