github vs BitBucket

Octocat or bucket?

Well, the cat is more cute.

I’ve read the comparison by the guys out here and as for me the functionality is almost the same. I don’t care for pricing either. I think that both services complete each other instead of competition between them. I’ll would use the GitHub for opensource projects, and BB have private repos - so be it, something to try to earn some pennies on without revealing the dark secrets to competitors.

I appreciate the github integration into intellijIdea and I wish that there was a plugin for MonoDevelop too. But there’s nothing. Almost. It looks like I’ll be doing more Java and less C# at home. That doesn’t mean that I like command line interface for git less, I really can handle it, but the plugin keeps things simple for me as a single developer. Pull-Commit-Push cycle implemented really fine in Idea, and it gets the job done.

And the verdict is: The GitHub for all projects, except private ones. There’s where BitBucket comes to play.