Goal and achievement

I’m short on time; but there is something important that came to my mind now and I have to share it.

May be it’s known and simple and absurd but I have an urge to repeat it again one more time.

Every project should have a goal; more than that to complete the project by a group of people - it needs a philosophy too.

I was listening to an interview of David Ploog, from Roguelike Radio, and interviewer mentioned the Philosophy section of Crawl’s manual. And that gave me that this is exactly what have be done; this is what connects dreams to reality. Well, we shouldn’t forget about hard work too.

Some basic principles should be defined and they will lead the way straight to the target. Actually, target describes what should be done and principles tell about how it should be done. For examle target (or goal) may be something like “bake a pie” or “write jumping game” and the philosophy dogmas will be like “one should use only fresh products” or “keep extensiabilty in mind while designing the game”. If the goal and way to it are worth, the project have all the chances to success.

Also, an additional trigger to the post was an article, that described the difference between declarative and imperative languages. Mark-ups like HTML and XAML, or SQL - describe us the result we should get, if it’s query result or WPF window, and programming languages describe us how the goal should be achieved.

So, the next thing I’ll do - update the short-term plans to the project and may be write a line or two of java code :)