How do I saved the day again

After couple of lightning storms and voltage spikes, my HDD (my bad, I still use one) went nuts. Error indicating superblock read failure welcomed me instead of booted computer last time I restarted it.

I’ve tried to boot from ubuntu-gnome 14.10 livecd, but with no avail. Somehow the tool I always used to create bootable usb sticks didn’t succeeded on creating this one. I startet to dig deeper into the forums. I guessed that the fix is still possible.

I wanted to run fsck, so I needed to launch bash, when last thing I seen was GRUB prompt. I found out that it can be achieved pretty easily be adding


on the end of kernel line (from here) . I’ve got root prompt, and it was a beginning. I identified that /dev/sda5 was problematic partition (it’s where my home is). Running fsck yielded no result, and I tried to look for other solution. First of all, I learned that I can see all connected drives by running lsblk command here . And the last piece of puzzle was restoration of suberblock from backup :

e2fsck -f /dev/sda5  ; solution did not worked, but that's fine
mke2fs -n /dev/sda5
e2fsck -f -b 32768 /dev/sda5

And than I pressed “y” around couple hundred times. And reboot -f and… booted back to good old ubuntu.

Now doing backups :)