Magic as it is

After returning from St. Neots, which is beautiful town in the middle of England, I’ve noticed that my cellphone lost it’s wi-fi connection. At a start I did not paid any attention to it, and left it as is. I have an unlimited data plan at home, anyway. But It started to bother me. I understand the cause of the issue - changing the sim cards, switching to airplane modes, some networks with weird security settings abroad, things, that I believe, are tested less, taking in account that I have unsupported version of Cyanogen mod.

But than I decided to have my wi-fi back. I want Dropbox to sync again, Evernote to upload notes, browse the net faster and overheat less. The phone is microwave-oven-hot when browsing on 3G.

I did the regular stuff - turn off an on wi-fi, plane mode, remove the battery, replace the sim. Didn’t help. Went to more complicated solutions - wipe the cache partition, Dalvik cache, change number of channels, sleep settings. Nothing. Telephone became less computer and more telephone. When I hit “scan for networks” nothing happened. All saved networks were “out of range”. Deleted them all ant tried again, Nothing.

I went to google for solution, but never managed to find somebody with similar problem, until one forum post. I can’t find it now, what a pity. But in this post, there was, in addition to mentioned solutions, another one. It said that you just have to turn on and off Bluetooth several times and that’s it. “What the?” was my first thought. But really, I didn’t have a time for re-installing of the mod, and the solution looked simple.

After two minutes of turning wireless communications on and off Milestone went into “Scanning… Open wireless networks are available…”

Thank you, internet for this. Another piece of technology magic.