Moving to github pages

Hi all!

I finally decided to move the my site that was hosted as google site, to github pages. I feel much more comfortable with jekyll text processor, than with wysiwyg editor. When I looked on older entries in my blog I spotted a lot of inconsistencies - different fonts and colors for posts, links and code formatting.

In this way blogging with it more like editing simple text files that in the end result in neat looking result. MarkDown syntax, that used for it is similar to mediawiki format, that I have used back in 2010, and exactly the same like in StackExchange network. So it’s familiar and there is no need to learn something new. I used ready-made template, it was really easy to learn to use it. I even have the RSS feed for free. Once I tried WordPress and I was totally lost there.

File system (in that specific case github repo) acts like a back-end database for the posts. Only two things needed to be kept in mind - headers for posts and right naming. Super simple.

Also, back in 2010, when it was the first time I bought a domain and attached the site, I didn’t managed to make it work both with www subdomain and without it back then. Github handles it automatically.

In last 4 years google sites didn’t changed a lot. They’ve added new features, yes, but it looked like there is no real innovation went through. On other side, github have evolved significantly. I understand that those products are different and in some way google sites still more advanced product, but I find myself much more comfortable working on github.

Only issue that I still didn’t bring along all the links, pictures and files from old site. I’ll take care of that later. Another line in to-do list :)