Nokia N95 rebirth

Was stuck again with problem that my phone wouldn’t play music with default music player. And I like default music player, because it uses special keys, those I didn’t want to install a new one, but to try to fix this.

Thanks to, found some reset codes:

*#7370# - stated as software reset - confirmed to restore to default settings, memory card untouched
*#7780# - hardware reset

and procedure for hardware reset:

turn phone off
press * + 3 + answer call(green)
turn on
enter code 12345

I’ve tried the first one, and player still wouldn’t work. So I looked further and found out another solution that mentioned removing files from “private” folder that contains Music Player database. This did not help either.

And than I formatted the memory card. Guess what? Now my Nokia plays back all the music on the phone :)

Of course I renewed the application inventory of the phone. For now I’ve installed:

Opera mini 5 - web browser Calcium - cool calculator, that much better than the standard one Nokia Sports Tracker - self-explaining name PuTTy - Symbian s60 v3 version, and it’s nice - control Linux boxes with cellphone - cool! BestTorch - Turns N95 into flash light. it’s ok, but it can be better for sure. Pity, that led flash cannot be used for constant light. As I understand it works with capacitor. Chords - cheatapp to learn guitar chords

Well, that what I need for now.