Notes on mind-mapping tools

After years of using Xmind for mind mapping, I wanted to use some similar tool on the go. And shared, like google docs. And I found it: Mindmeister. Supports web browsers, iOSes and Androids. Similar to Xmind. Collaborative. Cool. The only downside of this service, is the small amount of free maps, so to get some more you’ll have to pay.

The mind mapping is really great technique - I’m using it for ideas and meetings. The idea mapping is simple, straight-forward. People usually call it brain-storming. Just writing down all that is relevant. Tip: when the idea finds an implementation, the relevant aspects on the map should be grayed out.

For meetings - in general, the best thing you can do while writing down the meeting notes - is to stop from going too deep into details. So, for me mind mapping works as a time saver. I put simple rule like “map’s depth is no more than 4” and this keeps meetings more productive(and short).

Also, don’t rush to uninstall Xmind right away - you have import and export features. So the hard drive or any other dropbox will make an only disadvantage disappear.