Technical sessions

So, lately I’ve conducted couple of tech sessions. I always liked to teach, but never took a time to think about it. I used to learn something from other people and than passed my knowledge on.

This time it was different. I’ve produced my own plan and my own agenda of things a team could use. I never learned about the technologies I talked about from other people. I tried it by myself, read a documentation, built a list of questions I was going to answer and prepared the material.

I’ve talked on technical subjects, mostly about Kotlin. I’ve covered advanced operators usage, threads vs coroutines and new introductions to the toolbox - especially Kotlin Flow and its interoperability with reactive streams.

I’ve prepared some code before, which is accessible right now on github, for advanced kotlin, and threads, coroutines and flows.

When I started to get better on it, we got into COVID-19 lockdown. Meanwhile I try to work on more sessions for my team, and may be I’ll get out of my comfort zone and will go speaking at public. Planned sessions are in a bit of different topics - Test Driven Development and SCSS.

May be I could use those skills after.